Entry #1

I am back ...sort of...

2007-10-28 11:32:37 by ecstasy122

It's been 6 years for me now. 6 years of great entertainment, learning flash , meeting strange yet loveable people. And all of this in a friendly place called newgrounds. Long before anybody knew about the term Web 2.0, newgrounds opened it's gates to users willing to share their personal creations with the world. We set internet trends, made stars, saw them rise and sometimes fall. All was in the hand of the people. Back in 2004 when I released
How to flame in german
, I believe I had my 15 min. of web fame.
For me it was more then just a funny gadget. It was bringing together the 2 countries that I love. Germany and the US. I received countless emails from Americans and Germans alike . But now 3 years later, I have to admit I was too scared to even think about making a sequel. The pressure was too intense for me. And that is exactly what separates regular authors from great authors. Great authors are the ones who amaze us on a continuing basis. Many of these call newgrounds their home, and I thank them for that.
Now 3 years with much observing and less creating, I think I finally have the courage to follow their steps. At least to try. If you would like to contribute in anyway to a sequel, please don't hesitate to post your ideas.
Thank you for your time

I am back ...sort of...


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2008-09-01 20:42:02

wow another german guys on newgrounds
i am not alone here! cool
have a nice day
see ya